Advanced Simplicity are engineers of strategic solutions in the areas of the environment, security, Government advisory, technology and business development.


We believe in innovation and the application of novel solutions. Simplicity is key, because simplicity works.


We believe in working and partnering with people to deliver holistic and effective solutions. Our partnerships are all about achieving mutually beneficial results. These partnerships include working with local communities, businesses, multinational organisations and Governments around the world.

Advanced Simplicity has over a decade of experience in the environmental and sustainability sectors. We specialise in resource management, including assessments, monitoring, consultation, and retrofit upgrades.


We have extensive experience in the area of sustainable design. We have pioneered the inclusion of advanced materials in the building industry and more efficient methods of construction. We are able to offer the development of sustainable cities using an integrated approach to infrastructure.


Without exception is our approach to environmental remediation. We have risen to some of the greatest environmental challenges of our time including the clean up of the Niger Delta and the Ecuadorian Amazon. Our experience, technology, and collaborators make us a preferred choice for these type of situations.

Our experience of working within high risk areas ourselves ensures that we can offer highest calibre of security consultation and provision of services.


Our personnel are highly trained, with experience in conflict areas and areas of risk such as oil and gas networks.


Advanced Simplicity is able to offer a high level of consultation, personal protection and private security to meet your needs.

The essential work that Advanced Simplicity carries out ensures that we collaborate with Governments around the world. This exposure and experience allows us to offer a range of governmental and political services.


These services include political consultation, policy development, campaign design, and future scenario analysis.

Advanced Simplicity has a strong history in research and development. With innovation and simplicity as our core values, combined with our close links to the university sector, we are able to tailor design technological solutions to overcome the most challenging problems.


Advanced Simplicity has developed the following technologies. For further information, purchasing or licensing enquiries, please contact us.

  • recoil™

    recoil™ is an oil absorbing material designed to efficiently clean up water borne oil spills. recoil™ is able to provide a near 100% clean up in a shorter period period of time.


    The benefits of recoil™ include being able to be manufactured very quickly on site if required; being able to be made into almost any shape; is easy to use and quickly absorbs spilt oil.


    For more information about recoil™, please visit the recoil™ microsite.

  • POD

    POD was designed in response to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report into the state of the Ogoniland in Nigeria. The report identified one area where the benzene levels in the groundwater were 900 times above the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.


    Seeing that nothing was being done to address this problem, Advanced Simplicity requested the information from the UNEP. After analysis and consultation with industry partners, POD was developed with the capability to treat this level of contamination whilst meeting the challenging local conditions.

  • Hazewatch

    Hazewatch was first developed at the University of NSW and was further developed and modified by Advanced Simplicity. The developments made by Advanced Simplicity have made Hazewatch a flexible and powerful tool for gathering real-time air quality information.


    The Hazewatch system can further tailored for use in early detection systems for natural disasters such as bush and forest fires.


    For further information, please visit the Hazewatch microsite.



With experience in commercialising our own technology, Advanced Simplicity is able to assist organisations in the process of commercialisation for new ideas. If an organisation is a start-up, we are able to offer the additional assistance of business mentorship and relationship development.


Through our global network of associates we are able to leverage the 'local resources' available to us to assist organisations wanting to enter new markets. In particular, we can guide organisations through the complexities of emerging markets.


Advanced Simplicity is able to provide strategic advice across the business processes of start-up, commercialisation, efficiency and entry into markets.




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